Useful information

Here you will find all the useful information to help you organise your stay and get around during the Carnival.

Security measures

Systematic checks will be carried out at the entrances to Carnival events, via security gates, bag checks and searches.

For your comfort and to avoid lengthy queues, we advice you :

  • To arrive at least one hour before the start of the show.
  • To bring a minimum of personal belongins.


Access to the event is strictly forbidden to users coming with animals. 

No re-entry will be permitted.


Disguises and costumes

Fully disguised people (from head to toe) will be able to enter in the standing area (no seating) for free for the carnival parade or the carnival parades of lights and to watch the show. The wearing of some accessories is not enough.

Attention, any costumes which could lead to general confusion, with a religious, military or offensive character are prohibited as any accessory mentioned in the forbidden items.

Forbidden items

It is forbidden to get into the Carnival perimeter with :


  • blades, blunt and pointed objects
  • weapons, even replica and fake
  • weapons and ammunition of any category, tear bombs
  • explosive, flammable or volatile substances (fireworks, firecrackers, Bengal fires)
  • alcoholic beverages, illicit substances, glass and metal containers (cans, glass bottles),plastic containers with cap
  • motorbike helmets
  • tripods
  • folding seats
  • metal spray cans, including Carnival silly string sprays ...
  • suitcases, shopping bags and other bags and luggage
  • rolling objects (rollerblades, scooters, scooters skateboards, bicycles etc.) excluding strollers and wheelchairs.


Such objects will be confiscated and destroyed without possibility of return.

There are no lockers available during the event.

Discover Nice

Discover Nice Côte d'Azur in winter.

The territory of the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan area draws from its geography and history a particular and shared identity, between the coastline, hills, valleys and mountains.