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Useful information

Here you will find all the useful information to help you organise your stay and get around during the Carnival.

Reinforced security measures

Systematic checks will be carried out at the entrances to the Carnival events, in particular by means of security gates, bag searches, palpations.

For your comfort and to limit your waiting time at the entrance controls, we advise you to arrive 1 hour before the show begins.

We recommend that you do not take a bag.

Fancy-dress and costumes

Participants wearing entire fancy-dress (accessories are not sufficient) will be able to enter the Carnival Parades (but not the Flower Parades) free of charge in the standing areas.

However, certain costumes and accessories are prohibited:

  • any costume with a political, religious, military, abusive or confusing character
  • blunt, sharp or pointed objects
  • fake weapons
  • fireworks, firecrackers, Bengal lights
  • glass or metal containers
  • motorcycle helmets
  • metal spray cans, "silly string" sprays, etc ...

These objects will be confiscated and destroyed, without possibility of restitution.

Also prohibited on the site: rollers, skates, scooters and animals.