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Access to events

  • Early arrival : security checks will be made at the entrances to the Carnival. To avoid a long waiting time, we advise you to arrive at least 1 hour before the start of the event.

  • Obligatory entrance on tickets : your tickets indicate the entrance you must use (see the entrance numbers on the event plan) to access the event.
    Clients who go to the wrong entrances will be redirected.

Flower and Carnival parades all take place on the Place Masséna and around the Jardin Albert 1er.

Duration of parades : approximately 1 and a half hours

Traffic restrictions

The following roads will be closed 3 hours before the parades 

- Promenade des Anglais : north and south lanes from Gambetta to avenue Max Gallo (ex Phocéens)
- Avenue Max Gallo (ex Phocéens) from the Promenade des Anglais to the place Masséna  
- Tunnel Liautaud from the Phocéens entrance to the Port exit
- Tunnel du Congrès
- Boulevard Jean-Jaurès until the descente Crotti
- Avenue Félix-Faure from rue Gubernatis to Place Masséna
- Avenue de Verdun
- Rue Saint-François de Paule
- Quai des Etats-Unis :  north and south lanes from avenue Max Gallo (ex Phocéens) to the place du 8 mai 
- Quai Rauba Capeu north lane

Advised routes

- In both directions : voie Mathis, A8
- East-West : boulevard Carabacel / rue de l’Hôtel des Postes
- West-East : boulevard Gambetta / rue Maréchal Joffre

Transport and parking

  • Access from the West :

    We advise you to park at the «Parcazur Las Planas» (motorway exit Nice Nord N° 54 - free parking for 1 return journey) and take the tramway to the  «Jean Médecin» stop for Flower and Carnival Parades.

  • Access from the East :

    We advise you to park at the «Parcazur Pont-Michel» (motorway exit Nice Est N° 55 - free parking for 1 return journey) and take the tramway to the «Garibaldi» stop for Flower and Carnival Parades.

Car parking

Several car parks are located close to the events.
  • For events starting at 2:30 pm, the event area is closed to traffic from 11:30 am.

  • For events starting at 9:00 pm, the event area is closed to traffic from 6:00 pm.
    (On Saturdays the area remains closed between the 2 events).

The following public car-parks are closed during the traffic restrictions: Sulzer, Masséna et Plaza.  No entrance to Ruhl car-park (but exit is possible).

The following are open but with modified access :


  • Palais Masséna and Palais de la Méditerranée : special access measures
  • Saleya : exit via Ponchettes in the port direction only
  • Corvesy : entrance by the rue Alexandre Mari : exit via Calada Scoffier